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HoldFastNL Seaweed Company

Making the most of what we have

We are devoted to growing Newfoundland's Seaweed Industry

In Plants We Trust

Seaweed farming is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and profitable industry, making it an ideal option for those looking to invest in aquaculture

Our Partners

Harnessing the power of Seaweed

More than just food, seaweed farming provides opportunity for a healthy economy and planet

Plant Power

Food, fertilizer, and animal feed. Seaweed farming is also beneficial to the environment

Homegrown solutions

Newfoundland has the coastline and the maritime know-how to operate on the water

Combatting Climate Change

Mitigation and adaptation in the forms of carbon sink and wave impact reduction

Healthy Habitat

Seaweed provides lush habitat as the fronds grow, and our reef ball anchors  profide shelter for lobster.

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